Artist Louis Aiello


I believe a work should have a vitality of its own not derivative or imitative. After art school I continued with realism in my creations which was through sculpture. The big switch from realism to abstraction form came first from painting, self taught. After a period of realism in painting. I gradually shifted into abstract experimentation. I discovered a great exhilaration. The transition was done gradually. Varied situations may occur for inspiration, it’s walking through the woods, and being surrounded with the rhythms of nature, in my studio. I make many sketches which eventually bear little resemblance to the original notation. I like working abstractly. I like the endless possibilities as opposed to the single set of values encountered in realism. I experience more a spirit of adventure.

~ Louis Aiello


New York Festival of Arts, N.Y.C
Penn Academy of Art, PA
American House, N.Y.C
Pietrantonio Galleries, South Hampton, L.I. & N.Y.C
Essex Art Association, CT
Mystic Art Association, CT
Slater Gallery of Art, Norwich, CT
Antheneum Museum (Wadsworth), Hartford, CT
New Haven Festival of Art, CT
Providence Festival of Art, R.I.
Silvermine Guild of Art, New Canaan, CT
Heblen Gallery, Clinton, CT
Greene Art Gallery, Guilford, CT
Beth Temple, Hartford, CT
Art Alliance, Choices, Guilford, CT
Clinton Art Association, CT
Branford Gallery, CT
Milford Fine Arts, CT
Clark Whitney Gallery, Lenox, MA
Guilford Art League, CT
Providence Art Club, R.I.
Temple Beth Tikva, Madison, CT
Museum Arts, Science & Industry, Bridgeport, CT
Mattatuck Museum of Waterbury, CT
Bachelier – Cardonsky Gallery, Kent, CT
Arts4u Galerie – Media & Co., Avon, CT

Pietrantonio Gallery, 84th St., N.Y.C.
Branford Library Gallery, CT
Aris Gallery, New Haven, CT
Wall Focus Gallery, Chester, CT
Willoughby Wallace Memorial Library, Branford, CT
Hebron Gallery, Clinton, CT
Greene Art Gallery, Guilford, CT
The H. Pelham Curtis Gallery of The New Canaan Library, New Canaan, CT
Bachelier – Cardonsky Gallery, Kent, CT; Media and Company Services New Britain, CT and Millerton NY; Galerie, Avon, CT


High fashion mannequins. Some of the stores and other locations where Aiello’s work appeared:
B. Altman’s, 5th Avenue, N.Y.C.
Saks 5th Avenue
Lord & Taylor
Bonwit Taylor
Tailored Lady
Metropolitan Museum Of Art – Specially designed figures for displaying period clothes.
Across all of Canada
Design and execution of models for mass production of assorted costume jewelry and silverware.
Design of toys, trophies, etc., for injection mold casting.

Other Professional Accomplishments

Design and mass production of rubber hands for mannequins including a complete line of children’s, teen’s, misses, junior’s, men’s, and women’s hands. Sold to mannequin manufacturers throughout the United States and all of Canada, British Columbia, and parts of South America.



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