Artist Rae L. Robinson




I work in an improvisational and interpretive style using many media. Unaware at first in which direction the Spirit is leading me, I allow time and space to pass until a connection is made that results in visual art.


Born in the Bronx, NY, Rae resides in Southington, CT. She studied at the former Art School of Fashion and Design, Hartford, CT; Fine Arts at Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT; Paier Art School, Hamden, CT; and privately with Sr. Mary Magdeline, New Britain, CT.

An art mentor for children and adults from throughout the Central Connecticut area, Rae has conducted workshops on “Art for Children” at a symposium for Lutheran Teachers from Connecticut and on “Creative Arts” at St. Paul’s High School, Bristol, CT. She has been a juror for many art shows and an invited guest panelist and speaker for Congresswoman Nancy Johnson’s Small Business Seminar, held at the Briarwood College, Southington, CT. Rae has been recently invited to the Connecticut Woman’s Artists Society group. She is an independent coordinator and promoter of visual art shows and is a member of several art associations. Presently, Rae is an Art Director of Media and Company Services, ARTS4U, representing and promoting artists internationally.

I feel that my early life in New York was the impetus that now influences my work, as well as Faith in my inner Spirit voice.

In much of my work, I like to leave out a small amount so that you, the viewer, can visually fill in areas by using your own imagination… In this way, you become a part of and are able to share an art experience…a creative process with me.

Art education via mentoring plays a major role in my life. I believe everyone is “creative.” If they took the time to discover availabilities and a choice of methods to express themselves, a new and exciting world would open up for them.

A Book of the Mind


Improvisational Pen & Ink Drawings

I relate these drawings to the wax etching on the Ukrainian Easter eggs “Pysanky” I created with my grandmother years ago.

These drawings have been created only at the moment of a new awakening, “Spring.” With music as a background and no preconception, I begin drawing with a few lines. Then, as the drawing begins to take on life, I see an image appear and continue to develop the drawing until I feel it is complete.

Viewers imagine what they personally see, regardless of my personal vision and the drawing’s title. It is their individual reaction to the drawing that creates a lively exciting atmosphere.

The Immigrant Collection

Exhibited in the Museum of Immigration, at the Statue of Liberty, is a portraiture series of early 1900 Ellis Island Immigrants who settled in Connecticut. Nationalities represented were Greece, Ukraine, Italy, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, Austro-Hungry, Assyria, and Armenia. Their simplistic renderings symbolize the pride of our ancestry, our family heritage, seeds of tradition and customs, and most of all, the bond that keeps us all together.

Rae creates ancestry portraiture from family photographs. She carefully studies their distinctive personalities and traits, mainly observed in the eyes. The interpretation of the photograph is a major stimulator for the artist in creating the final drawing. Each drawing is 30” x 40” rendered in vine charcoal on a linen illustration board and framed in wood. Commissions are welcome.


Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT 1960-1970

Greenwich Village Art Expo, New York, NY 1968

Guilford Artists’ Exhibit, Guilford, CT 1969—present

Rockport Invitational Exhibit, Rockport, MA1975

Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT 1983-1985

Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT 1984

Museum of Immigration, Statue of Liberty, New York, NY 1985

National Capitol, Washington, DC 1985

Nancy Johnson’s Office, Washington, DC 1985

State Capitol, Hartford, CT 1986

Distinctive Art Gallery, East Hartford, CT 1988

Media & Company “Media Expo 89”, CCS, Plantsville, CT 1989

Media & Company, “Christmas Art Show”, Southington, CT 1989

Media & Company, Governor’s Mansion, Hartford, CT 1990

Media & Company, Bethel Temple, West Hartford, CT 1990

Everton’s Genealogical Conference, Southington, CT 1991

Media & Company, “ A Family Treasure”, Farmington, CT 1992

Media & Company, Arts4u Galerie, Avon, CT 1994-1998

CT Business Womens’ Conference, Ramada Inn, Cromwell, CT 1999

Media & Company, Hoppin Gallery, Farmington, CT 1998-2001

The Town & County Club, “Art Medleys”, Hartford, CT 2001

Connecticut Women’s Artists’, Hartford, CT 2022

Private collections: Italy, Sweden, Japan, and United States

In The Auction Room

Additional artworks are added daily/weekly.